Hello, I'm an indie app developer based in Brazil! 👋

Hi there, I'm Renan Bez aka themir. I'm 19 y/o and I'm a CS undergrad student. I like fighting games, reading books and building things. I enjoy web design, web development and I live on the terminal. Some of my favorite techs are Rust, Svelte, Three.js.


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In Search of a Bygone Aesthetic: Beyond The Sterility of Modern Minimalism


A reflection on the prevailing minimalism in design, its ties with capitalist structures, and a nostalgic look back at the artistry of past aesthetics.



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CRWN Clothing

ReactJS (NextJS) • Redux • Firebase • SASS


Next.js • Prisma • tRpc • Tailwind CSS

This website!

Astro • React • Vercel • Tailwind CSS

Falconia Design

Next.js • Three.js • GLTF

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